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Through research and development work, Cover Technology has designed specific fabrics capable of meeting all the market’s demands and complying with the durability and safety requirements of the relative standards.

To guarantee the maximum safety of structures and people in the event of fire, all Cover Technology fabrics are flame-retardant and comply with the relevant regulations on entertainment venues and occupational health and safety.

Cover fabrics

Cover Technology has developed its flexible, multi-ply Special Fabrics to meet the highest quality standards required by the tensile structure market. These fabrics are therefore particularly suitable for use for covering and enclosing large structures such as hangars and shipyards.

The fabrics consist mainly of high-strength polyester fibres immersed in a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer matrix. Additionally, they have a black core impermeable to light, which prevents the passage of sunlight, considerably increasing the level of protection and energy saving.

Cover mesh

Over the years, Cover Technology engineers have paid special attention to the development, research and filed-testing sun protection and windbreaker materials.

The range of products obtained consists of a micro-perforated fabric, produced by coating a 100% high strength polyester substrate with specially processed fibres to create a protective barrier and ensure outstanding performance: UV screening, wind speed reduction and thermal and visual comfort. This fabric’s special conformation also renders it very attractive, easy to clean and extraordinarily durable, with high tensile and tear strength even under particularly difficult weather conditions.

The wide variety of colours available makes it an ideal product for many applications in modern architecture.

Cover low E

Cover Technology has developed the innovative Cover Low-E fabric, validated through severe tests in various application scenarios. This fabric delivers excellent thermal insulation properties thanks to the calibrated application of a special aluminium coating.The aluminium coating is “low emission”, drastically reducing transmission of infrared radiation through the fabric, improving the thermal insulation of the entire structure and optimising the energy performance of any heating or air-conditioning systems installed. The reduction of thermal radiation transmission becomes an intrinsic property of the material, regardless of the thickness and the insulation of the individual materials within the fabric.

Cover Low-E fabric can be used in a single layer or in two layers, to increase its insulation capacity and reduce the condensation effect.

Cover insulated

Cover Insulated is a fabric that incorporates a layer of about 4 mm of soft, thermal-protective expanded PVC.
Thanks to this insulating layer, the fabric’s characteristics improve quality standards, ensuring:

  • More effective temperature control inside the structure
  • Optimisation of energy performance
  • Reduction in energy consumption for climate control (heating/air-conditioning)
  • Cover Insulated fabric reduces the thermal “K” value from K 6.8 (normal fabric) to K 3.7 (Cover Insulated).
  • Reduced condensation phenomena
  • Better noise insulation from the outside and better noise absorption from the inside

Cover thermo

Cover Thermo is the innovative material developed by the Cover Technology technical staff and is the ideal solution for the various types of outdoor covers intended for installation in environments with very low temperatures. It is a special flexible multi-ply material from 20 to 100 mm thick, consisting of two layers of PVC-coated polyester membrane that incorporates a flexible fibre panel with high insulating and noise-absorption properties.

Cover air

A constant pressure inflation system pushes the layers of fabrics apart to ensure a stable cover and create a constant, insulating air pocket, allowing more effective control and regulation of the internal temperature.The Cover Air double fabric offers benefits both in terms of function (noise reduction and thermal insulation) and in terms of appearance.

The Technical Area, with its dynamic, highly qualified staff, is able to offer
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to details allow the construction of strong, safe outdoor covers and
tensile structures
, developed with the use of leading-edge materials....

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