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Biogas covers

Biogas covers - Covertechnology.com

Cover Technology HIGH-TECH BIOGAS COVERS meet the market’s demands to perfection and incorporate a tensioning system to guarantee quality, strength, swift assembly and restricted cover movement. Cover Technology has been working in the environmental and industrial sector for years and has developed a series of BIOIGAS COVERS (some patented). The TREATMENT UNIT cover can be supported by a traditional central post and a set of straps connected to the circumference of the tank. Otherwise, it may consist of an external fabric cover and an aluminium and steel frame covered with technical PVC fabric or sandwich panels. The choice of materials allows shipping low weights and compact volumes, rapid assembly and impressive resistance to weather loads. The key feature of the BIOGAS COVER is its excellent resistance to corrosion and the capability for adapting the structure to existing systems with no need for construction works, saving both time and money.

Diameter Minimum 10.00 metres / Maximum 38.00 metres
Wind resistance Minimum 25 m/sec / Maximum 41 m/sec
Snow resistance Minimum 60 daN/m² / Maximum 400 daN/m²
Cover fire resistance class Self-extinguishing – Flame Retardant Class 2
Operating temperature -30 °C  /  +70 °C

BIOGAS covers are BESPOKE, allowing:

  • DESIGN WITH A SPECIFIC SNOW BEARING CAPACITY, ranging from 60 kg/sq. m for the basic structure up to 400 kg/sq. m for areas with very high snowfall
  • CE MARKING of the structural components in compliance with the EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 standard thanks to Cover Technology’s accreditation.

It is also important to note that structures are designed and constructed in compliance with the Italian Ministerial Decree dated 14.01.2008 (known as the Technical Construction Standards or NTC2008 with return time Tr 50 years) and in compliance with the Eurocodes.

The supporting frame consists of extruded aluminium alloy profiles, creating a lightweight structure that withstands all weather conditions. Roofs and side walls are in flame-retardant, waterproof, very tough, PVC fabric. Naturally, there is a very wide selection of materials to suit the different uses and locations of structures. The main materials used in construction of the BIOGAS COVER structure are:

Main structure components Aluminium alloy profiles
Base plate elements Hot-dip galvanised steel
Cover Modular sheets of Class 2 Flame-Retardant PVC / Sandwich panels
Side walls, if required Modular sheets of Class 2 Flame-Retardant PVC / Sandwich panels
Doors or openings, if required Large vertical folding doors for aircraft / Vertical folding doors for vehicles / personnel doors
Metal cables Plastic-coated steel cable
Supporting surface Plinth not required
Anchor systems for concrete surfaces Threaded bars fixed with structural vinyl/epoxy resins
Anchor systems for firm ground and asphalt surfaces Steel nails driven into the ground
Anchor systems for loose ground Continuous spiral coils or rods

Apart from the STANDARD PVC sheeting, the cover may be in:

  • PVC fabrics with blackout treatment for sun protection
  • Thick PVC fabrics (strong cover)
  • Low-emission (silver-coated) or insulated PVC fabrics
  • PVC fabrics with special coating

Low cost, quick installation, elimination of maintenance, minimal construction and simplified building permits are just some of the benefits that even large-sized Cover Technology fabric buildings are able to offer. Cover Technology has installed a large number of BIOGAS COVERS, both for permanent and temporary (mobile buildings) applications. Fill-in the form to request more information

The website includes a section dedicated to technical data and operating characteristics, to provide full details of the many accessories and complementary systems available. The accessories available for the BIOGAS COVER structure are:

The Technical Area, with its dynamic, highly qualified staff, is able to offer
genuine solutions to every kind of design need. Experience and attention
to details allow the construction of strong, safe outdoor covers and
tensile structures
, developed with the use of leading-edge materials...

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