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Purchasers of Cover Technology state-of-the-art covers receive support and assistance in all phases to enable them to select the best product for their various needs.

What’s more, to meet the market’s latest demands Cover Technology offers a number of expert services for its range of removable tensile structures and covers, including:

  • Sale by means of contracts with finance firms, financial leasing arrangements and extended payment terms
  • Rental
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Assistance with building permits
  • Installation
  • Training courses

Thanks to the large number of solutions and the ample stock available, every Cover Technology customer can find the right solution and fully satisfy all outdoor cover requirements, with effective, efficient organisation of space and solutions.

Cover Technology allocates part of its production capacity to the manufacture of mobile modular structures for rent, including turnkey tensile structures, with a variety of accessories such as emergency exit doors, heating and cooling systems, electric and lighting systems, partitions and suspended ceilings. Rented Cover Technology modular structures are used increasingly to meet temporary requirements, although with all the distinctive quality and appearance features for which our products are known. The most common rental applications where our solutions are particularly popular are:

  • Temporary warehouse rental

  • Rental for events, exhibitions and parties

  • Rental of ice rink covers

  • Rental of riding school covers

Cover Technology takes care of your structures over time, keeping them in optimal working order for years at a low, fixed, programmable cost.

In spite of the high quality of the materials used and the high degree of engineering, which in fact minimises the maintenance required, we believe that proper, scheduled maintenance can extend any product’s working life, with no exceptions, enabling you to work with complete peace of mind.

The installation of modular covers, event marquees and outdoor structures requires local government authorisation, issued on application to the planning department of the relevant municipality.

The management of the documentation to be produced and submitted in permit applications has always created considerable difficulties, for applicants and local authorities alike.Permits for our types of product are granted more quickly, as the structures do not require any construction but are simply anchored to the ground by means of micro-piles or spiral rods, which provide the basis for various types of removable cover.

The Cover Technology Technical Area assists customers in the preparation of all compulsory documentation required by municipal departments, ensuring that the bureaucratic procedures are handled quickly and efficiently.

The modular design of Cover Technology structures and the specific systems for anchoring them to the ground allow our products to be installed in just a few hours’ time, without any special equipment or concrete plinths. Cover Technology places the decades of experience of its installation squads at customers’ service for efficient assembly using its resource anywhere in the world.

To guarantee the highest quality in the use of our products, we aim to train our customers through theoretical and practical courses in planning, management and routine and unplanned maintenance, and for the use of all the accessories and systems supplied with our structures.

The Technical Area, with its dynamic, highly qualified staff, is able to offer
genuine solutions to every kind of design need. Experience and attention
to details allow the construction of strong, safe outdoor covers and
tensile structures
, developed with the use of leading-edge materials....

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